What our customers are saying...

Kari S.

"We’ve had a great experience with [Wyyerd]. I work from home so I can’t live with bad internet. Not only has the speed and reliability been great, but the only time I have had an issue the customer service and tech support was awesome."

Robert W.

"Excellent customer service over the phone, took the time to explain the process, the different plans and what options were available and described the installation process. The tech that showed up was excellent, arriving before the scheduled appointment time (yeah!!) and got everything squared away and my internet connectivity was up in no time. I highly recommend  [Wyyerd] and am a very happy customer!"

Mike C.

"I have used [Wyyerd] for internet for almost 8 years and have been very satisfied with their product and service.  For the last year, I have also used them for streaming TV.  They are very quick to respond to any problems and willing to go the extra mile to deliver quality service.  I would certainly recommend them to anyone in their service area."

Wyyerd Is...

Our teams are local right down to the customer service agents. When you call or interact with Wyyerd, you are interacting with your own neighbors and members of your community.
We offer simple, flat-rate pricing with no fine print, no surprises and no hidden fees. We also don’t force you to take bundles of services you don’t need. What you see is what you get.
Fiber-optic network technology is the most high-capacity, reliable, and future-proof technology to deliver internet services. You can breathe easy and not worry about it.
Unlike other providers, our internet speeds are equal for upload and download, so you won’t get slowed down waiting for your internet to keep up with you.
Ordering takes just a few clicks. Installation is at a specific time, not a window that takes half your day. When you call, a real live person answers.
Oh, and there are no contracts. 
We want to make your life easier, not harder.

The Envy of the Internet

Circle Things_2 GIG.png

Total Speed of 2000 Mbps up & 2000 Mbps down

Wyyerd WiFi included

Free installation

No hidden fees

No data caps

GIG Speed Under $100

Speed of 1000 Mbps up 

& 1000 Mbps down

Circle Things_1 GIG.png

Wyyerd WiFi included

Free installation

No hidden fees

No data caps

Super Speed for Streaming

Speed of 600 Mbps up

& 600 Mbps down

Circle Things_600.png

Wyyerd WiFi included

Free installation

No hidden fees

No data caps

Fastest Entry Level Speed

Speed of 300 Mbps up

& 300 Mbps down

Circle Things_300.png

Wyyerd WiFi included

Free installation

No hidden fees

No data caps

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Visit our construction pages to see where we are going next!

Where Are We Going Next? 

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Fast Fiber Internet

Wyyerd Is Not...

Tired of the “black hole” of customer service – when you wait on hold forever, get transferred and transferred, and wonder if you’ll ever get your issue addressed?  We’re not that. 
Nobody needs a ton of fine print to worry about, or offers that lure you into what seems like a good deal only to change on you later.  We simply don’t believe in any of that. 
Outdated Technology

We don’t have old, slow network technology that we’re trying to make sound great. We just have the best technology, plain and simple.


We don’t cap your data and charge you if you exceed it, and we don’t force you to share your connection with your neighbors, causing lags at peak times when you often need it most.

Is internet really something you should have to jump through hoops for in order to get what you need and not waste your time?
We don’t think so either.


 Local Customer Service & Support    Transparent Pricing   No Contracts    No Hidden Fees 

There's nothing like fiber to power your business.