Internet service your community
will thank you for

Bring the power of fiber to your community

Expect more from your Internet provider

We provide the fastest fiber Internet available and work with your community leaders to find the best arrangement for your community. Since we’re smaller than the big guys, we’re also quite affordable.. talk about having it all!

By partnering with Wyyerd you will:

  • Attract more residents and businesses by providing them with the best Internet at the best price
  • Employ local citizens to provide customer support for the community
  • Enable more efficient, safer and flourishing communities
  • Facilitate citizen’s right to choose their services through our support of True Open Access™

Partnership Options

Once we understand your community’s unique needs and circumstances, there are a few ways we can work together. We can…

Fund, build and operate your network

Empower local businesses and compete against incumbent providers.

Lease and manage your network

Improve quality of service and become a stable partner for the future.

Expand your network

Grow your network beyond municipal boundaries to surrounding communities and help service existing debt.

How to get started

The best place to start is arranging a meeting with city staff or community leadership, where we can present our philosophy and values, then help you evaluate the options for bringing fiber into your community.

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