Upgrade your property at
no cost to you!

Increase Your Property Value With Wyyerd Fiber

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re losing tenants to newer buildings with updated technology.
  • You feel pressure to increase profits for the building.
  • You see your competitors getting ahead and aren’t sure how to beat them.

There’s a way to increase occupancy rates and build a vibrant community that won’t cost you anything.

This Could Be You:


Grow your profits


Increase occupancy rates and decrease turnover.


Build a vibrant community that encourages tenants to renew year after year.

Within weeks, your property can be upgraded with Fiber Internet, allowing you to increase your average rental income per unit.

  • Fiber Internet increases the value of your property much like a remodel, but without the construction costs and disruption. 
  • Fiber Internet increases the perception of rental value.
  • Reduce tenant turnover.
  • No installation costs – Fiber Internet installation is completely free.
  • Bulk rates available for qualifying buildings.

Wyyerd Fiber Internet is Faster Than Cable

  • ✔ Fast and free Fiber Internet installation.
  • ✔ Thoughtful installation matching  current aesthetics.
  • ✔ Generous perks for qualifying properties.
  • ✔ Higher tenant satisfaction resulting in reduced turnover and increased occupancy rates.
  • ✔ Increased property value similar to adding a half bath.
  • ✔ Increased rental value.
  • ✔ Sponsored events for tenants.
  • ✔ Wi-Fi in common areas.
  • ✔ No spinning wheel while streaming their current binge.
  • ✔ No frozen faces on Zoom.
  • ✔ No scrambling to find a good connection to work from home.
  • ✔ 24/7 technical support.
  • ✔ Set appointment times, not windows.
  • ✔ No data caps or contracts.
  • ✔ Local customer service.

Wyyerd Fiber is the Trusted Partner for 81+ Communities

  • Cottage Lane at Winding Walk, HOA
  • Palomar Apartments
  • Serena Condominiums
  • Vista Hermosa Apartments
  • Castle Arms Apartments
  • Thunderbird MHP
  • La Solana 
  • Sun Village (Coming Soon)

“Agreeing to work with Wyyerd Fiber has been one of the best decisions our company has made for our residents.”

“The installation of my new Internet service was as smooth as the entire job. Wyyerd Fiber’s service compared to my old provider is exceptionally better.

Thunderbird MHP
Chula Vista, CA

“We are excited to have Wyyerd in our community and look forward to a long relationship.”

Jan Smith
Board President, La Solana HOA, Surprise, AZ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I add fiber to my tenants’ list of Internet options?

Contact us, and we will review the benefits and timeline with your team.

I’m already working with another Internet provider. Will this impact agreements?

No, you can have an agreement with Wyyerd Fiber AND keep your other Internet agreements.

Will the installation be intrusive?

We do our best to make installation a positive experience. The installation process takes anywhere from one day to three weeks. Installation will match your aesthetics, and we strive to keep residents happy during installation.

Will you need to enter the tenants’ units?

We understand the importance of eliminating potential for conflict or interruption with your tenants. We will work with you to provide best in class customer service, both for you and for your tenants.

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