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Construction Process

Our Pre-construction, Construction & Restoration Process

Wyyerd requires contractors working for us to restore all property, private and public, to the condition that it was in prior to our work beginning.  We have a Wyyerd Inspector on these projects that takes before and after photos of the construction route to confirm that the restoration has been completed. 


Currently, asphalt and concrete restoration is taking longer due to material shortages.  We are required to use materials approved by the local municipality and the lead times are currently four to six weeks to obtain the asphalt and concrete.



Hang door hangers, send construction notices to every resident, ask residents to sign up for email communications at  The construction crews will mark the approved running lines with white paint and the Wyyerd team will take photos of approved construction paths.


The various utility companies with facilities in the area of our painted white lines will mark their existing path with the appropriate color paint or flags.  Red for electric, orange for communications, blue for water, etc...  Upon the completion of the utility locates, a pre-construction meeting will be held with the municipal Inspector and a start date will be set.


Perform construction work, via directional drilling and limited digging, including running our fiber-to-the-home internet to each home (up to Two GIG). Contractors will also complete decorative restoration work along the construction path and take photos of the restoration. Customers will then be able to order internet and phone services.


Perform the hard surface (concrete and asphalt) restoration along the construction path.


Perform a walk through with the municipal Inspector to verify that all restoration is complete to the satisfaction of the municipality.

Q. What are the markings or flags on my sidewalk and yard? Do you remove it after construction?

A. The marks on the sidewalk and the flags in your yard are to help the construction crews know the location of existing utilities. Each color represents a different type of utility.  These markings, coordinated by our use of the Arizona 811 process and placed by the utility owners themselves, are required by state law (40-360.21-32) before any digging can occur by contractors or homeowners.  We have been advised not to remove the paint, as it not permanent and will fade over time.  Removing or painting over the marks could result in injuries to workers or major damages to underground utilities and disruption of vital services you and/or your neighbors rely on every day.  We have further been asked by the city not to pressure wash these marks as this could result in damage to the surface of the streets and sidewalks.  More information about the Arizona 811 process can be found at

Q. Will it be noisy? What hours will you be working?

A. Please expect additional traffic noise. A typical work day starts at 7AM and ends at sunset.

Q.How long after you build can I get service to my home?

A. You can get construction notices by signing up for the email list at, or you can pre-order by visiting

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Q. Will you be digging in my yard or on my sidewalk?

A. It is possible. All construction will be in the Public Utility Easement, which is from the back of the curb and extends into your front yard. But rest assured, we will fix anything we might have moved in the process. Please take photos of your yard today for reference.

Q. What if my sidewalk needs repairs after digging?

A. We replace and restore everything we touch to its original condition. Concrete patches are a 3 step process and will need time to fill, but be reassured every patch will be repaired to original condition.

Construction Process

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