Frequently Asked Questions

Product and Technology Basics

What is Fiber?

Fiber technology, also known as fiber optics, is a technology used to transmit information as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic over long distances. Fiber technology is the most advanced and innovative technology available for Internet networks. Fiber has a number of specific advantages over traditional copper and cable networks, including symmetrical speeds, low latency, high throughput, high reliability, future-proof technology, and sustainability.

What is a GIG?

GIG stands for “Gigabits per second.” GIG (or Gbps) is commonly used to measure data transfer speeds between hardware devices. 1 GIG (Gbps) is equal to 1,000 Megabits per second (Mbps) or 1,000,000,000 bits per second.

 Wyyerd’s fiber-to-the-premise network offers Internet connection speeds as fast as 5 GIG (5000 Mbps). Wyyerd’s 5 GIG Internet tier provides 5000 Mbps symmetrical speeds (i.e., same speed up & down) to the premise. Realized speeds to a single device (e.g., laptop, phone, tablet, smart home device) will depend on multiple factors including the connection type (wired vs. wireless), prevailing Wi-Fi technology standards (for those devices connecting wirelessly), device capabilities, and the number of devices simultaneously connected to your network.

What are the benefits of a GIG Internet connection?

Wyyerd’s fiber-optic Internet services of a GIG or more provide the ultimate in Internet capacity and speed. This means everything you do on the Internet can happen faster – you spend less time waiting to upload or download and more time enjoying your Internet content.

The GIG connection also provides plenty of bandwidth for multiple users, regardless if your household is streaming content, working from home, or gaming, Wyyerd’s GIG Internet has you covered.

For many years, data transfer speeds were only measured in Mbps and Kbps. However, modern hardware interfaces can now transfer data over one gigabit per second, which makes Gbps a necessary unit of measurement.

What is Mbps?

Mbps stands for Megabits per second, and is the measurement for network bandwidth and throughput. Each Mbps represents the capacity to transfer 1 million bits each second, or roughly one small photo per second.

What does “download”, “upload”, and “symmetrical” mean?

“Downloading” is the data you receive on your device.

“Uploading” is the data you send from your device.

“Symmetrical” means the download and upload speeds are the same or very close to the same. Fiber-to-the-premise networks have symmetrical speeds, which means the download and upload speeds are there when you need it. This technology makes fiber-to-the-premise networks superior to traditional copper networks that can be limited in upload speed, and do not typically match the download speed provisioned.

In today’s world, upload speed is just as important as download speed. In the past, most Internet traffic was downloading, such as web pages, images, and videos. However, today’s applications are increasingly interactive and require us to upload data as well, such as video conferencing, gaming, and sending large files.

How do I test my Internet speed?

For the most accurate results, we recommend downloading the free Wyyerd MyNetwork™️ mobile app. This will account for any interference and provide your home or business’s true Internet throughput. The latest version of the app can be found here.

If you do not have access to the Wyyerd MyNetwork™️ app, we recommend you run a speed test using a hard-line device to eliminate a possible Wi-Fi degradation. Speed test results performed wirelessly on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network will be lower than results given on the faster 5GHz Wi-Fi network.

You can test your speed here.

Why should I test my Internet speed?

Testing your Internet speed measures the speed and quality of your connected device to the Internet. It also helps you identify any potential issues with your devices such as outdated software or Wi-Fi interference in your home or business set-up.

What Internet speed can I expect?

Unlike many other providers, Wyyerd views the speeds we advertise as the minimum that you should experience, not the maximum (or an unachievable “approximate” number). Wyyerd also commits to this on both download and upload speeds. Our install technicians test your speeds at the time of installation to ensure this.

That said, depending on how you use the service over time, you may find that certain factors impact your speeds:

  • Your actual speed may be affected by the capability and age of your devices, the software you are using, the server of the site you are visiting, and the overall volume of Internet traffic at any given moment.

  • The connected device (such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet) being used to test speed will also affect speed results. If the computer has a slow processor, limited memory, or has several processes running at the time of the speed test, results will be slower.

  • Running speed tests over Wi-Fi will produce lower speed results than through over a hardline connection. You will get the best, most optimal speeds from your computer or other device when you use a hardwired connection.

  • Certain customer locations with legacy or incompatible equipment may experience a max speed of 940 Mbps for our 1 GIG customers.

  • Distant speed test servers may report slower speeds due to the distance and latency involved. Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from one point to another. The farther away the server is, the higher the latency will be. This can cause a delay in the data transmission, which can result in slower speeds.

What is streaming TV?

Streaming is the digital distribution of content over the Internet instead of using a traditional cable or satellite connection. There is no need for bulky equipment, various cabling or satellite dishes. Streaming TV is the new era of receiving live TV over the Internet. You can tailor your TV package to suit your needs and avoid those pesky contracts, equipment rental fees and the frustration that comes with it. Steaming coupled with fast Fiber Internet facilitates the newest, fastest and most reliable way to stream with ease.

Today, streaming services can deliver live TV and on-demand content, so you can watch what you want, when you want.

Once you have a device and an Internet connection, you can sign up for a streaming service. Today, there are many different streaming services available to watch live TV. Some popular streaming services include YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, SlingTV and many more. Visit our streaming page and utilize the incorporated tools to help you find the streaming bundle that works the best for you.

What streaming services does Wyyerd offer?

Wyyerd is not a streaming provider, nor do we bill or charge you for any of the streaming services that you may sign up for. Wyyerd is a fast Fiber Internet provider that will give you the fastest speeds to make your streaming experience the best it can be.

Wyyerd has partnered with MyBundle.TV™ and DirecTV Stream™ to offer you a variety of streaming options tailored to your needs.

  • MyBundle.TV™: MyBundle is a tool that allows you to pick the channels and services that you want, without any extra channels. This is a great option if you want to create a custom streaming package that fits your budget and interests.

  • DirecTV Stream™: DirecTV Stream is a live TV streaming service that offers a wide variety of channels, including regional sports and news channels. This is a great option if you want to watch your favorite live TV shows and sporting events without having to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite TV package.

To learn more about Wyyerd’s streaming suggestions, please visit our streaming page.

What streaming device(s) do I need?

To access your streaming content, you will need a smart device or smart TV that has access to the Internet and streaming services. These devices, such as a Roku Stick, Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV connect to your TV’s HDMI port as an input. You can even use your laptop, tablet and smartphone to access your streaming services.

Does Wyyerd have data caps?

No, Wyyerd does not cap your data usage. That means you won’t have to monitor your usage or pay overage fees.

Does Wyyerd offer phone service?

Yes, Wyyerd Fiber Voice is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that gives you reliable, crystal clear calls. In select ILEC areas in Arizona, regulated POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is offered and serviced. Additional taxes and fees apply to POTS service.

Available features:

  • Caller ID

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Forwarding

  • Custom Ringing

  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Webportal access to manage calls and features

Is Wyyerd’s network secure?

Yes, Wyyerd’s network is secure. We use the most up-to-date technology to protect our network and your access to the Internet. We also offer enhanced security options to help you monitor and protect your home or business network.

What are Wyyerd’s enhanced security options?

Wyyerd offers the following enhanced security options:

  • ProtectIQ™ is a network-level security application that works quietly in the background and proactively keeps malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions away from Wyyerd subscribers’ homes 24×7. ProtectIQ™ leverages a large cloud database of known virus and ransomware threats, and by looking for the specific signatures of these threats in real-time, it can prevent the transfer of data – before a malicious payload is delivered to any vulnerable devices in the network. As new threats emerge daily, the threat database is updated continuously to offer protection against the latest threats. ProtectIQ™ can be monitored and managed directly from your Wyyerd MyNetwork™ app.

  • Parental & Network Controls provided by ExperienceIQ™ empower Wyyerd subscribers with extensive network controls that allow them to easily create and enforce online rules for the users and devices connected to the network in their home or business. It also provides parents peace of mind by protecting their children from inappropriate or harmful content.

Click on Home or Business for full details on product features and options.

Installation and Home/Business Experience

What can I expect during the installation process?

Connecting your home or business to a 100% next generation fiber-optic network may be a slightly different installation process than you’ve experienced in the past. Below is a guide to help you understand what to expect.

  • Upon scheduling your Wyyerd service installation, you will be given a dedicated appointment time, not an appointment window.

  • Depending on the scope of work, the total installation from start to finish may take 2-4 hours. If you reside in a Multi Dwelling Unit, installations may take up to 60 minutes.

  • Our installation technician will talk with you about what option works best for you and your home or business.

  • A fiber connection does not use a modem; instead, an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) will be installed at your home or business.

  • The ONT may be installed inside your home or business at an agreed upon location, or on the exterior of your home or business, typically near the electrical service panel.

  • The ONT must be installed near a grounded power outlet. For outdoor installations, a power outlet may need to be installed by a licensed electrician.

  • Various models of the equipment used may differ slightly from the images on this site.

  • Click here to watch what to expect during your installation.

What is the difference between an outdoor and indoor installation?

Outdoor Installation:

  • A protective shell will be mounted on the outside of your home or business.

  • The shell will house the outdoor ONT and the fiber termination.

  • Outdoor ONT placement is typically adjacent to the location of the home or business’s breaker panel, which provides accessibility to the structure’s prewired network cables.

  • The ONT will require power provided by a nearby outdoor outlet, or a network cable can provide power, which is terminated in the interior structured wiring panel.

Indoor Installation:

  • In lieu of an outdoor shell, a smaller splice box will be placed on the outside of your home or business. The fiber will continue from this point all the way into your home or business.

  • The fiber is brought inside the home or business to a discussed ideal location.

  • The fiber will terminate at the indoor ONT, which can be placed on a flat surface, wall mounted or even hidden in the structural wiring panel.

  • A router will connect to the indoor ONT and distribute the Internet connection wirelessly throughout the entire home or business.

  • Depending on the model of indoor ONT, additional LAN ports may be available on the ONT and ultimately available on the Wyyerd Wi-Fi router for hard-lined connections.

Can I get help setting up my devices?

Our technician will demonstrate how to connect devices to your network. Once you are connected, a technician will help you with your network name and password through the Wyyerd MyNetwork™️ App. You will also run a speed test and our technician will work with you to answer any additional questions you may have.

How many devices can I connect?

You can connect virtually unlimited devices. The Internet speed coming into your house will determine how efficiently each device performs. And each connected device will draw on your total bandwidth. For example: if you have a 1 Gig package, all of your connected devices (hardlined or wireless) will draw on that 1 Gig . The more devices, the more split up the pie gets. Devices may include laptops, cameras, doorbells, garage door openers, solar panels, printers, appliances, etc that are connected to the network.

How do I manage my Wi-Fi network?

You can view, manage and change settings on the Wyyerd MyNetwork™️ App.

  • Visit our Wyyerd MyNetwork™ App page to find our more details located here.

  • Download the Wyyerd MyNetwork™️ App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • With the Wyyerd MyNetwork™️ App, you can view all the connected devices on your network, set up parental controls or a guest network, run speed tests, change your SSID and password, and more.

How do I change my SSID and Password?

  • Open your Wyyerd MyNetwork™️ App

  • Click the top tile named My Network™️

  • Under Networks, click your active Primary Network (shown at the top)

  • Click edit in the upper right corner

  • You may now edit your SSID and password for your home or business network.

  • Once saved, the router may reboot to apply the new settings.

  • Be sure to reconnect your devices to the new SSID and password you have chosen.

Do I need a modem, router or other equipment at my home or business?

Wyyerd provides a professional-grade router with every Internet plan at no additional charge. A wireless router is necessary for you to take advantage of Wi-Fi in your home or business.

Currently, Wyyerd Wi-Fi routers are utilizing the newest technology in Wi-Fi standards. Our current fleet of Wi-Fi routers are equipped with up to tri-band / Wi-Fi 6e technology. Tri-band routers are routers which are capable of transmitting and receiving data using 2.4GHz, 5GHz and now 6GHz frequencies to connect your devices at their fastest capable connection speed. The 2.4GHz band will provide reliable coverage around your home or business. The 5GHz will have faster speeds with a smaller range. The 6GHz will have an even smaller range, however offer the fastest speeds on capable newer devices exceeding 1 Gig speeds wirelessly. A unified Wi-Fi network has one SSID (network name) of the same name for all frequencies (2.4/5/6GHz) and will automatically “band steer” behind the scenes to determine which band your device should be on.

Can I use my own router?

We recommend using Wyyerd’s router, which is free of charge and has several advantages (see next question below). However, if you prefer to use your own router, you can do so as long as it is compatible with our fiber-to-the-premise network.

  • Router modem combos do not work with our fiber-to-the-premise service.

  • Should you choose to utilize your own router, its highly recommended specifications are at least; a dual-band router and the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard also known as Wi-Fi 6.

  • Wyyerd technicians can install your personal router for a fee.

Why should I use the Wyyerd Wi-Fi router?

It is important to have a wireless router that is up to date with the evolving Wi-Fi standards, implemented by the IEEE. Having a newer wireless router will provide a faster, more reliable connected experience in your home or business. Wyyerd Wi-Fi routers use the most current technology, and will receive periodic software and firmware updates to keep your Internet experience at its best.

Managed Wi-Fi is included with every plan and the router is provided free of charge. This service provides peace of mind because we manage everything technical that keeps you connected, including keeping the Wyyerd Wi-Fi router continually updated with the latest security and software updates.

Our technical support team can access Wyyerd Wi-Fi routers remotely for minor corrections and resets. By accessing remotely, we can typically fix the majority of issues without the need for a technician to visit your home or business.

If you experience any issues with Wyyerd provided equipment, including if the router falls off the shelf and stops working, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you.

Is Wyyerd Coming to my Area?

How do I know if Wyyerd coming to my area?

Wyyerd is continuously expanding in both Arizona and California. It’s very possible we are coming to your neighborhood soon!

  • In Arizona, see our latest construction updates here.

  • In California, see our latest construction updates here.

If we are not yet constructing in your area, please let us know your interest by clicking “Construction Updates” in the links above and we will keep you updated on our expansion!

Billing and Payments

What should I expect on my first bill?

Your first bill will be prorated based on your first day of service. After that you can expect to see the exact price of the package you signed up for.

Why is my first bill higher than what I signed up for?

For example, if your service started 7 days prior to our next billing, your first Wyyerd bill would be for one month plus the additional 7 days. With prorated billing, it ensures that customers only pay for the number of days that they have the service.

Are there taxes and fees on my services?

Internet – No. There is no tax on Internet services. Our bills have no surprises or extra charges, also, we have no data caps.

Wyyerd Fiber Voice – No. There is no tax on VOIP services

*For traditional phone service, there are state and federal taxes collected on your monthly bill that are remitted to the proper agencies. Subscribers of regulated POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) may see additional fees and taxes for their regulated service. POTS subscribers may inquire with Customer Service if their phone service can be transferred and ported over to Wyyerd Fiber Voice.

To make our billing simple and transparent, Wyyerd includes all taxes and fees in our standard service rates as advertised. The price you are quoted when you sign up will match what you see on your bill, with no surprises.

How do I register my online account?

Locate your portal registration email with the password set up. Subject Line will state, “Welcome to the Wyyerd Customer Portal”.

  • Click on the Pay My Bill link in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Enter your email that you provided at time of sign up.

  • Enter password which you created from portal set up

  • Select ‘Forgot password’ if you cannot locate password or set up email.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, go to the Wyyerd Online Portal and log into your account.

Can I pay my bill by phone?

Arizona office:


Office hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and 7am-6pm phone hours


California office:


Office and call-in hours: Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm

How do I set up automatic payments?

  • Go to the Wyyerd online portal.

  • Log into your account with the email address you provided at sign-up.

  • From the Dashboard screen click on the ‘Make Payment’ tab

  • Click on the ‘Enroll in AutoPay’ tab

  • Select ‘Add payment method’

  • Options are credit card/debit card or Bank Account

  • Select your desired Autopay date from the dropdown

  • Click Enroll once complete

Can I get a paper statement?

Wyyerd is a paperless statement company. Generally, we have found that this is an easier, more convenient and more environmentally-friendly option for our customers. If you prefer a paper statement, please call our customer care team:

Arizona office:


Office hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and 7am-6pm phone hours

California office:


Office and call-in hours: Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm

When will I get billed?

You can expect to receive your eBill within 10 calendar days after your installation date. Please be on the lookout for an email from Wyyerd with the Subject Line – “Your Wyyerd statement is ready”.


What do I do if my service is not working?

We will do everything within our means to get your Internet working as fast as possible. The majority of the time, simply restarting your router may resolve connectivity issues in your home or business.

Recommended troubleshooting for your wireless router:

  • Verify the router is powered on.

  • Locate the power supply in the rear of the device.

  • Unplug the power cable.

  • Count 30 seconds.

  • Reinsert the power cable.

  • The router will boot back up with refreshed settings in just a few minutes.

  • The LED will be continuously illuminated in a green color when in service.

  • If the issue is isolated to a single device, try rebooting the device and check for any software or firmware updates as well.

Recommended troubleshooting if you have an indoor ONT:

  • You can recognize that you have an Indoor ONT if there is a thin fiber, typically yellow & green, plugged into it.

  • Depending on the model of ONT, verify that the LED power indicator is on. These LEDs are located on the top or rear of the unit.

  • The smaller indoor ONT should have Power, Broadband, Service and Ethernet flickering with activity or solid green.

  • Carefully verify that the yellow and green fiber pigtail is securely inserted into the ONT’s WAN port. If you have a taller white ONT/Router combo unit, be sure to not access the fiber cage underneath or pull on the fiber which is seated securely inside.

  • Verify the ethernet cable is seated securely between the ONT’s yellow port (ETHERNET) and the router’s WAN port (Wyyerd routers WAN port is white and marked WAN).

  • If your router is located in a different room than your ONT, verify that the ethernet cable is plugged into the wall jack and the router’s WAN port.

  • The router LED will be continuously illuminated in a green color when in service.

  • If the jack that the router is plugged into, wasn’t previously toned out (made LIVE) a technician will need to come out to do so.

Recommended troubleshooting if you have an outdoor ONT:

  • Check the side of your home/building, typically where the breaker panel is located.

  • The ONT will be housed in a protective shell that is locked. The outdoor ONT’s should only be accessed by our trained Wyyerd Fiber Technicians. Delicate fiber trays are looped in the rear of the ONT and are subject to being inadvertently damaged.

  • The ONT will need power, either provided by an outdoor outlet adjacent to the shell, in the garage, or using the inside-wiring that terminates in your structural wiring panel inside of your home or business. This is typically located in a laundry room or closet.

  • You may need to reset a GFCI outlet to restore power to the ONT. Take a walk through your home or business and assess if any other lighting, appliances or items have lost power as well.

  • Locate the GFCI outlet and click reset to restore power.


If you continue to experience trouble connecting, please call our technical support team 24×7 at:

  • Arizona: (623) 455-4555

  • California: (619) 732-6100

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