Watch TV your way with FAST Fiber speeds

Wyyerd Fiber high speed Internet makes Streaming TV

Streaming Your Way

We have partnered with MyBundle.TV to help find the right streaming services for you. Get started with your Streaming Bundle here.

Get the best of Live TV and On Demand

We have teamed up with DIRECTV STREAM℠ to bring you the most live news, sports, and on-demand content. Choose from 4 streaming packages without annual contracts.

Use your own streaming device or install a DIRECTV streaming device for a more traditional viewing experience.

Stream your favorite TV shows in 3 Simple Steps

Have a strong, reliable Internet connection

Have a strong, reliable Internet connection

Have a strong, reliable Internet connection

Discover even more about streaming

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Streaming FAQs

What is streaming TV?

Streaming is the digital distribution of content over the Internet instead of using a traditional cable or satellite connection. There is no need for bulky equipment, various cabling or satellite dishes. Streaming TV is the new era of receiving live TV over the Internet. You can tailor your TV package to suit your needs and avoid those pesky contracts, equipment rental fees and the frustration that comes with it. Steaming coupled with fast Fiber Internet facilitates the newest, fastest and most reliable way to stream with ease.

Today, streaming services can deliver live TV and on-demand content, so you can watch what you want, when you want.

Once you have a device and an Internet connection, you can sign up for a streaming service. Today, there are many different streaming services available to watch live TV. Some popular streaming services include YouTube TV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV, SlingTV and many more. Visit our streaming page and utilize the incorporated tools to help you find the streaming bundle that works the best for you.

What streaming devices do I need?

To access your streaming content, you will need a smart device or smart TV that has access to the Internet and streaming services. These devices, such as a Roku Stick, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV connect to your TV’s HDMI port as an input. You can even use your laptop, tablet and smartphone to access your streaming services.

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