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Fast Fiber Internet


with all Internet Plans

-No equipment fees! Router and Wyyerd WiFi INCLUDED in price

-No surprises on your bill

-No data caps

-Symmetrical service, same speeds up and down 

-Local office with local people answering your questions

-Professional technicians

-No annual contracts

-No change fees; change plans anytime without additional charges

-No gimmick pricing

-Vacation savings plan available

-No installation fee

Expand your WiFi coverage
for just $5 more

If your home is larger or has a unique layout, we can install a Wyyerd Mesh access point to go along with your Wyyerd router. Wyyerd Mesh access points can help eliminate dead zones and assist in areas with less than optimal signal. Rather than broadcasting Wi-Fi from a single point, a mesh system can have multiple access points. Wyyerd Mesh captures Wyyerd WiFi's signal and rebroadcasts it throughout your home.​

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Wyyerd Fiber Voice is a VoIP service that connects to a home phone and gives you reliable, crystal clear calls. At just $20/mo, this phone service is a must-have for your home.

Fiber Voice Guide


taxes & fees included

  • Includes all domestic long distance in the lower 48 states plus Hawaii & Canada

  •  No Activation Fee

  •  Voicemail / Voicemail to Email

  •  Caller ID

  •  Call Forwarding

  •  3-Way Conference Calling

  •  Last Call Return

  •  Call Screening

  •  Priority Ring

Make Crystal Clear Calls with Fiber Voice

Take the worry out of YOUR WiFi

Wyyerd Fiber has YOU covered


MyNetwork™️ App

Wyyerd’s MyNetwork™ App gives you an instant snapshot of your home or small business network. Through the app you can view all the connected devices on your network, set up parental controls or a guest network, run speed tests, change your SSID and password, and more.

Streaming Solution

Wyyerd’s fast fiber-to-the-home internet speeds allow you to stream worry-free!  Discover more about the world of streaming.


Fiber for YOUR building

Live in an apartment building, condo unit, senior facility? Get in touch with us today to discover options on getting Wyyerd Fiber directly to you.


Double Up

with 2 GIG


Wyyerd WiFi Included       ❖       No Data Caps       ❖       No Hidden Fees       ❖       Free Installation 


The Envy of the Internet

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Total Speed of 2000 Mbps up & 2000 Mbps down

Wyyerd WiFi included

Free installation

No hidden fees

No data caps

GIG Speed Under $100

Speed of 1000 Mbps up 

& 1000 Mbps down

Circle Things_1 GIG.png

Wyyerd WiFi included

Free installation

No hidden fees

No data caps

Super Speed for Streaming

Speed of 600 Mbps up

& 600 Mbps down

Circle Things_600.png

Wyyerd WiFi included

Free installation

No hidden fees

No data caps

Fastest Entry Level Speed

Speed of 300 Mbps up

& 300 Mbps down

Circle Things_300.png

Wyyerd WiFi included

Free installation

No hidden fees

No data caps


 Local Customer Service & Support    Transparent Pricing   No Contracts    No Hidden Fees