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Peoria is a city located in Maricopa and Yavapai County, Arizona. As a major suburb of Phoenix, Peoria serves as a great place to live for those that enjoy playing water sports out at Lake Pleasant or watching spring training at the Peoria Sports Complex. 


Wyyerd: A Peoria Internet Provider


Wyyerd, formerly known as Zona Wyyerd is your local fiber-to-the-home company in Peoria, Arizona that offers transparent, affordable, and reliable high-speed fiber internet plans and internet packages that reach up to 2 Gigabits (2,000 Mbps up and 2000 Mbps down), VoIP home phone service, and managed WiFi for your home and business. As an alternative to cable internet service providers (ISP), Wyyerd provides high speed internet options with both fast average download speeds and upload speeds with unlimited data, fair pricing with no hidden surcharges or activation fees, no surprise rate increases, and never any data caps.  


Whether you’re working from home, online gaming, or streaming tv, experience the fiber difference with fiber optic internet technology that provides fiber-to-the-home and reliable internet connection that is not susceptible to Arizona weather conditions such as traditional broadband internet, DSL internet and satellite internet providers. Fiber internet uses ONT (optical Network Terminals) rather than a traditional broadband modem for better internet coverage. The use of fiber optic home internet transmissions allows the end user to use their own wireless router.


Wyyerd continues to grow and provide some of the fastest internet speeds available throughout Arizona, expanding in Northern Phoenix, Peoria, Buckeye, Surprise, Scottsdale, Glendale, Rio Verde, rural areas around the valley, and more. Our services reaching up to 2 Gbps will continue to grow to cover Phoenix internet needs with some of the fastest internet plans and cheapest internet packages available. Click to check your availability, and get your fast internet from one of the best Peoria internet providers in the area today! 

Check out Wyyerd compared to our competition:

- Sparklight 

- Hughesnet 

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