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Introducing the

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Wyyerd’s MyNetwork™ App gives you an instant snapshot of your home or small business network. Through the app you can view all the connected devices on your network, set up parental controls or a guest network, run speed tests, change your SSID and password, and more.

$5/ mo

for each feature

Activate Wyyerd's MyNetwork additional controls & features INSTANTLY by calling our office during business hours (623) 455-4555

Introducing Protect IQ


Enhanced Security

(Powered by ProtectIQ™) extends the security standards of Wyyerd Fiber’s core network all the way to your home. All of the connected devices at your premise are proactively protected from cyber security threats, viruses, and other malicious intrusions. If it’s connected, it’s protected!

Introducing Experience IQ


Parental & Network Controls

(Powered by ExperienceIQ™) empowers you to manage and optimize your home network for your family’s needs. Subscribers can create personalized user and device profiles to manage a set of rules and preferences, including:​

  • Blocking and filtering of specific content types and applications

  • Scheduling specific times of the day during which Internet and/or application usage is limited or blocked, by individual user

  • Prioritizing specific apps & devices, customizable by time of day (e.g., set schedules so that work-related applications are prioritized during the day)

  • Viewing usage for all devices, to better understand how the Internet is used in your home

Wyyerd App Videos

Discover more about the Wyyerd App, parental controls and additional features

The Wyyerd MyNetwork mobile app works with the Wyyerd WiFi plan to put control of your home Wi-Fi network right in the palm of your hand. The MyNetwork app allows you to easily update your Wi-Fi network password, set up guest networks, run speed tests, and monitor device usage.

Wyyerd App Icon_Final-01 (1).png
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