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South Bay Service Expansion Updates

Wyyerd Fiber Internet is continuing to expand throughout the South Bay area.

Check to see if you can get our service

We are continuing to expand throughout the South Bay to provide your community with lightning fast, Fiber Internet.


Wyyerd is focused on providing the best customer service with our local customer service team and in-home technicians. We’re a local company and our team is ready to work together for you!

  • Our network is 100% Fiber Internet

    • Unlike cable and DSL, we give you equal upload and download speeds

    • No data caps to worry about, all of our plans offer unlimited data

  • Our pricing is exactly what we say it is

    • No gimmicky pricing games

    • No promotional rates or contracts

  • Our teams are local and value our community

    • We offer specific appointment times instead of appointment windows that waste your time.

    • From our call center to service techs, we are focused on providing the best service to our customers…because our goal is for our customers to be comfortable recommending us to their friends and family.


Please check out our Google reviews to see why we are the highest rated Internet service in your area!

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