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Wyyerd: A Festival Foothills Provider

Festival Foothills is a special purpose district within the City of Buckeye and was established in 2005. Festival Foothills is a family centric community with over 10,000 acres of areas to live, work, shop, and play. The master plan community oversees the White Tank Mountain, Vulture Mountain, the Hassayampa River Valley, and many more, capturing the natural beauty of the community.

Wyyerd Fiber is your local fiber-to-the-premise company in Arizona that offers transparent, affordable, and reliable high-speed fiber Internet plans that reach up to 5 gigabits (Gbps) (5000 Mbps up and 5000 Mbps down), VoIP home phone service, and managed Wi-Fi for your home and business. As one of the Top 10 Best Internet Service Providers (ISP) according to Ranking Arizona, Wyyerd is proud to provide some of the fastest high-speed Internet options with both fast average download speeds and upload speeds with unlimited data, low latency, fair pricing with no hidden fees or surcharges, no surprise rate increases, no activation fees, and never any data caps. Whether you’re working from home, online gaming, or streaming tv, experience the fiber difference with fiber Internet technology that provides fiber-to-the-home, reliable Internet connection, and one of the fastest speeds in the greater Phoenix area.  

Wyyerd Fiber is the latest technology and is faster than other traditional broadband Internet, cable Internet, DSL Internet and satellite Internet providers. Fiber Internet, unlike fixed wireless, is not susceptible to weather conditions such as rain or fog and fiber does not need the line-of-sight to perform properly.

Fiber Internet uses ONT (Optical Network Terminals) rather than your traditional broadband modems offered by cable Internet service providers. The use of fiber-optic home Internet transmissions allows the end user to use the latest wireless router that is included in all Wyyerd plans. Wyyerd does not offer self installation options, but instead, we have professional technicians install the ONT and router at no additional cost to customers.

Wyyerd currently serves areas around metro Phoenix, Maricopa County, Glendale, and Goodyear.

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