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About Funimation

Nothing is more annoying than slow Internet speeds when you want to relax and watch your favorite anime shows. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to put up with buffering any longer when you choose Wyyerd Fiber as your local fiber optic Internet provider. That’s right—no more lag when you enjoy your favorite shows on your anime streaming service of choice, like Funimation.

Anime fans will appreciate the wide variety of classic and new shows, manga chapters, and language options available through Funimation that—along with VRV SVOD and Wakanim services—is part of the anime streaming conglomerate, Crunchyroll, LLC.

Anime series streamed in the US come with both subtitles, or subs, with the original Japanese audio as well as English dubs and occasionally other language dubs, such as Spanish or German. At the time of writing, anime series available on this service include the following, with new series being added regularly:

  • Attack on Titan
  • My Hero Academia
  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Fairy Tail
  • Fruits Basket
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Naruto
  • Soul Eater
  • Black Clover

Subscriber Premium Options

At the time of writing, the current ad-free options for subscribers, according to, are Premium and Premium Plus.

Ad-Free Premium

  • $7.99 / month
  • 2 simultaneous streams

Ad-Free Premium Plus

  • $9.99 / month
  • 5 simultaneous streams
  • Mobile downloads for offline viewing available

Subscribers who have a Premium/Premium Plus account also have access to simulcasts, or premieres of new episodes, OVAs, and movies as they broadcast live in Japan.

Funimation App

Always find classic and new anime series to enjoy!

With the free Funimation app, users can always find classic and new anime series to enjoy, no matter where they are. The app is currently available on a variety of devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and XBox.

Why Choose Wyyerd Fiber?

Our mission at Wyyerd Fiber is simple—to let you watch TV your way with FAST fiber speeds. Part of that mission means not just providing you with freaky fast and reliable Internet speeds, but also with affordable plans and top-of-the-line, local customer support.

We are also proud to partner with both MyBundle.TV™ and DIRECTV STREAM℠. With MyBundle.TV™, you can bundle your Funimation with other popular streaming services, such as HuluDisney+HBO MaxPeacock TV, and more. Thanks to our partnership with DIRECTV STREAM℠, you can enjoy live TV, including sports, news, and other on-demand content.

Our robust streaming service partnerships and reliable fiber optic Internet speeds mean that you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and more without the headache of lags, hidden fees, and contracts.

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