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How does Wyyerd compare to Google Fiber? 

​When comparing the best internet service providers (isps), Wyyerd Fiber stands out as a top performer for high-speed internet. Similar to Wyyerd, Google Fiber utilizes fiber-optic networks and offers internet access in most metro areas, including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and more. Google Fiber customers are offered 2 Google WiFi plans - 1 Gig and 2 Gig internet with free professional installation and faster upload and download speeds than typical cable or satellite internet providers. Google Fiber offers and utilizes custom only Wi-Fi 6 devices and a tri-band Mesh Extender, which allow for speed and bandwidth for large families by adding an additional seamless 5Ghz band for devices to connect to. Google Fiber Webpass is also available in certain cities, providing wireless internet to high-occupancy buildings, such as offices or apartments.

Because Google Fiber internet is not offered in all of our service areas, including Greater Phoenix areas, Wyyerd shows as the best choice for those customers who love local customer support, and a live person to speak to when you have technology needs.

See how Wyyerd compares to Google Fiber internet plans:

Wyyerd Fiber

Top Fiber Speed Offered

Symmetrical Speeds

Equipment Included

Unlimited Data

Local Customer Support

No Installation Fee

No Surcharges

No Annual Contract

Vacation savings plan



Google Fiber*

*This comparison was taken on April 21, 2023. Google Fiber speeds, prices and offerings were found on Google Fiber is owned and operated by Google Fiber and Wyyerd Fiber is in no way affiliated with Google Fiber. Any comparison data that shows "- -" in the chart indicates data could not be found from their website. We only publish data that we are able to capture and archive.

Wyyerd is your local fiber-to-the-home internet company that offers affordable and reliable high-speed fiber service with residential internet speeds that start at 300 Mbps and reach up to 2 gigabit internet plans, VoIP home phone service, and managed Wi-Fi for your home and small business. Wyyerd is proud to provide high-speed internet plans with symmetrical download speeds and upload speeds without data caps, free installation, no surcharges, no early termination fees, unlimited internet, no overage fees, no activation or installation fees, free speed tests, and easy paperless billing options. 


Whether you’re working from home, online gaming, or streaming tv, experience the fiber network difference with a reliable internet connection with superior speeds that is not susceptible to weather conditions (such as traditional broadband internet that utilizes a modem, cable internet, DSL internet and satellite internet providers). The use of fiber-optic internet transmissions allows the end user to use their own wireless router and still receive some of the area’s fastest internet plans with straightforward pricing.


Check Availability to get Wyyerd fast speed fiber service today! 


Questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information. 

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Google Fiber vs Wyyerd

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