Stream Family Movies

Without Interruptions with Wyyerd Fiber

Why Wyyerd?

Calling all cord cutters and streamers: 4K and HDR movies, news, and TV streaming services are within your reach when you choose Wyyerd Fiber as your local fiber optic Internet service.

In a world of countless options for Internet service providers, why choose us?

Because we believe that we offer a simple yet valuable service: darn good Internet at darn good prices with darn good customer service.

Revolutionary, right? We think so too.​

We at Wyyerd Fiber offer locally-managed fiber optic Internet services that work with your community to make our installation process and Internet services best suited to what the people in your area need, from reliable Internet access for local businesses and not-for-profits to great home Internet services for people working remotely or wanting to binge their favorite shows on their smart TVs.

What Can You Watch With Wyyerd’s Fast Fiber Internet?

Streaming the best family movies for family movie night or heartwarming TV shows can be easy with the right streaming services. Although HBO Max and Hulu have a variety of animated movies, Disney +, Netflix, Paramount +, and Amazon Prime Video have easy to choose films for the whole family. 

Disney + has options to set age restrictions for kids profiles, making streaming family movies easier than ever. Disney + has a variety of movies for younger and older kids including live-action Marvel movies and TV shows, Pixar animated films, heartwarming classic fairy tales, and more. 

Netflix also has the option to set up a kids profile with parental controls to restrict viewing to kids movies and family films. There are also netflix originals, like Hilda, Centaurworld, Mochi + Waffles, and more. There are also live-action movies, animated films, and sci-fi movies, such as Home, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and more.

Whatever you want to watch, you can. All without worrying about buffering.

In fact, our network is so robust that you can run simultaneous streams across various streaming devices with no lags. And our great download speeds mean you can watch your favorite content offline.

Is your current service buffering?

Check availability and get fast Fiber Internet today!

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