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How does Wyyerd compare to Viasat? 

When comparing the best internet service providers (isps), Wyyerd Fiber stands out as a top performer for high-speed internet. Because Viasat does not utilize fiber, it is a satellite internet provider with higher latency. However, apart from its satellite internet plans including its unlimited platinum and unlimited bronze plans, Viasat offers additional services and add-ons such as the following: Viasat Voice, a home phone service that connects to the Viasat Wi-Fi modem; Viasat Browser, a Viasat internet web browser; Viasat Shield and Shield Premium, internet security services against cyber attacks; and EasyCare, an extra level of service protection and support. Viasat has one-time fees related to setup and Viasat installation as well as a two-year contract for a price lock guarantee. 


While Viasat internet plans are not offered in all of our service areas, Wyyerd still shows as the best choice for those customers who love local customer support, and a live person to speak to when you have technology needs.

See how Wyyerd compares to Viasat internet plans:

Wyyerd Fiber

Top Fiber Speed Offered

Symmetrical Speeds

Equipment Included

Unlimited Data

Local Customer Support

No Installation Fee

No Surcharges

No Annual Contract

Vacation savings plan


100 Mbps


*This comparison was taken on April 21, 2023. Viasat, Inc (formerly known as Exede) speeds, prices and offerings were found on Viasat is in no way affiliated with Wyyerd. Any comparison data that showed a "- -" in the chart, indicates we could not find that data out from their website. We only publish data that we are able to capture and archive.

Wyyerd is your local fiber-to-the-home internet company that offers affordable and reliable high-speed fiber internet data plans, with residential internet speeds that start at 300 Mbps and reach up to 2 gig internet plans, VoIP home phone service, and managed Wi-Fi for your home and small business. Wyyerd is proud to provide high-speed internet options with symmetrical download speeds and upload speeds with no data caps, fair pricing with no hidden fees or surcharges, no surprise prices increases, no equipment lease fees, no activation fees, and easy autopay options. 


Whether you’re working from home, online gaming, or tv or video streaming, experience the fiber network difference with a reliable internet connection with superior speeds that is not susceptible to weather conditions, such as Viasat Satellite Internet or other traditional broadband internet that utilizes a modem, cable internet, DSL internet and satellite dish internet services, which ultimately results in slower speeds. The use of fiber optic cable internet transmissions allows the end user to use their own wireless router and still receive faster speed service plans even in rural areas without any network congestion. Wyyerd also does not regulate the amount of data usage, which means all customers have an unlimited data allowance with no data limits.


Wyyerd is quickly expanding in the Greater Phoenix and rural locations, so make sure to order fast speed fiber service today! 

Questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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