Best Internet Access for Gaming You Don’t Know About

September 15, 2022

Whether you’re a gamer playing real-time strategy, simulation, first-person shooter, or multiplayer games, it’s always frustrating when your online gaming experience is interrupted and is lagging constantly from poor home Internet connection.

Online Gaming Recommendations for Gamers

You don’t need ultra fast Internet or the fastest Internet speed to play games without lag. Here are a couple factors to take into consideration when choosing the best Internet service provider to optimize your online gaming.

  1. Download speeds and and upload speeds
  2. Low ping rate and low latency rate
  3. Other factors for your ideal gaming setup

Download and Upload Speeds

Most games don’t require a lot of bandwidth because not much information passes between you and the game server. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommends having broadband connection of a download speed of 25 Megabits (Mbps) and an upload speed of 3 Mbps to ensure fluid gameplay across multiple gaming consoles. Make sure to take a speed test to see if your Internet plan is giving you the best Internet speed and meets the requirements for your online video game.

Internet Speed Requirements across Gaming Consoles

Low Ping & Latency Rates

Lower latency rate, also known as ping rate, means that it takes less time for your gaming device to communicate with the game server. Though there are different factors that affect your latency rates, the type of Internet connection you have matters the most. Satellite Internet has the highest latency rate, cable Internet has lower latency, and fiber Internet has the lowest. Internet service providers (ISP) with a fiber-optic connection are ideal because they are much more responsive real-time in comparison to ISPs with a digital subscriber line (DSL) modem or satellite Internet as they have higher ping rates.

Other Factors for your Ideal Gaming Setup

In order to maximize your gaming experience with faster speeds, here are some additional factors to take into consideration aside from your Internet connection type.

  • Make sure your router is up to date and plugged in with an ethernet cable
  • Opt for a wired connection to avoid any possible interference and Wi-Fi bandwidth hogs
  • Update all of your devices regularly

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