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Router Troubleshooting

  1. Disconnect the cable plugged into the WAN port of the router and connect it directly to your computer.

    • If you cannot access the Internet, contact Wyyerd

    • If you can access the Internet, reconnect your router as it was before and continue to step 2.

  2. Log in to the router. If you cannot log in to the the router, check that:

    • The cables attached to the router and computer are secure

  3. If the Internet LED is not lit:

    • Refer to the router manual troubleshoot light status

  4. If the LED’s for the port with the cable is not lit:

    • Move the cable to a different port on the back of the router.

    • If a port LED still does not light, refer to the router manual to troubleshoot the light status.

  5. If the computer’s Ethernet adapter LED is not lit:

    • Do not continue with this Troubleshooting document. Instead, refer to your computer’s manual for troubleshooting.

  6. If all cables are securely seated and the LED’s are lit appropriately, then:

    • Power off the router.

    • Power on the router again.

    • If you still cannot log on to the router or access the Internet, then do a hard reset on the router as described in the router manual to reset and restore the device to its factory settings.

  7. Run the router’s Smart Wizard, this lets the router discover whether you have a static or dynamic IP address:

    • If a static IP address is discovered, configure your router with the IP address for your router, the address of the ISP’s DNS, and the address of the gateway given to you. Click Apply to enter the data.

  8. If the Smart Wizard does not find an IP address:

    • Reboot the router and the computer.

    • Contact Vendor or Manufacturer.

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